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Zikney Tzfat - Lo Hayu Dvarin Meolam

Songs CD:
1. or Rishon
2. Kaduregel
3. Shit Rap
4. Ein Li Busha
5. Lo Hayu Dvarim Meolam
6. Izim
7. Balbeli
8. Hamburger
9. Zkenim
10. Noo
11. Ha'or
12. Tzahevet
13. Pilim
14. Sami Bahalal
15. Oi Lo Ha'netsach!
16. Ha'hayal Ha'almoni
17. Ha'hor Ha'aharon

Songs LP:
Side A
1. Kaduregel
2. Shit Rap
3. Ein Li Busha
4. Lo Hayu Dvarim Meolam

5. Izim
6. Balbeli

Side B
1. Hamburger
2. Zkenim
3. Noo
4. Pilim
5. Sami Bahalal
6. Oi Lo Ha'netsach!
7. Ha'hayal Ha'almoni

אלבום חדש ל - "זקני צפת". חברי ההרכב המקורי של הלהקה - רע מוכיח, מאור כהן, אורן לוטנברג ויוני בן טובים - התאחדו בעקבות התוכנית “אלבומים” ובעקבותיה חזרו ליצור יחד מוזיקה. בגלגולה המקורי פעלה הלהקה בין השנים 1996-1990 והוציאה ארבעה אלבומים. האלבום החדש, “לא היו דברים מעולם”, יצא בתאריך 21/3/14 בחברת אנובה. 

Quoted by Israel's biggest newspaper (YNET) as the most influential band in Israel during the 90s, Zikney Tzfat brought something completely new to the rock scene then. When the three high-school friends, Oren Lutenberg, Maor Cohen, Yoni Bentovim and later Rea Mochiach formed the band in 1990, their extreme noisy mixture of Grunge and Psychedelic Rock with absurdist surreal lyrics shook the Israeli scene with something fresh that influenced countless new bands. Their chaotic concerts created a cult following and they soon after released their first album "Zikney Tzfat 1992" which still, more than twenty years on, is considered one of the most extreme albums ever released in Israel. Soon after, the original band dismantled and each member went on to pursue his own career, Rea as a leading music producer and drummer (who has played with big acts such as David Byrne and Gogol Bordello amongst others), Oren as one of the leading guitarists in Israel, Maor as a prominent solo artist and actor and Yoni who moved to England and became a filmmaker.
Fast forward to 2014- after a film that was made about Zikney Tzfat's early years (HaAlbomim, channel 8) brought them all together again, the four band members discovered that the spark and unique musical chemistry between them still exists. They spontaneously and surreptitiously went to the studio and recorded "Lo Hayu Dvarim Meolam", a mad hypnotic psychedelic new rock album with a rough uninhibited sound and approach - in fact, despite a twenty year gap, it is a direct and logical follow-on from their original album.