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Bney HaMa - Bney HaMa

1. Bney Hama
2. Haelohim sheli ayef
3. Mar tor
4. Ochel Maim
5. Mitoch Shena
6. Efes ad Shalosh
7. Kampay
8. Customers Blues
9. Yelidim

Formulated as a noisier, slightly eccentric take on the synth pop duo, Bney Hama’s music (Ohad Fishof and Ishay Adar), former members of Israeli cult band "Nosei Hamigbaat" (the Top Hat Carriers) is a sharp, highly orchestrated and often challenging blend of art-pop and electronic minimalism, topped with the spirit and energy of post-punk.

“This performance was like an electric shock: Adar’s wild and dreamy keyboards moved in changing rhythms along with the familiar, charismatic vocal delivery and the semi-robotic dancing of Fishof” Amichay Shalev, Ynet

“Bney Hama’s music didn’t need past glory in order to delight… the simplicity, grooviness and pop rejoicing it manifested, emptied the burden of historical baggage and gave it fresh, first-time quality. Adar stood at the back, a devoted synth-pop soldier, hitting an electronic drum; Fishof at the front, moving freely, looking like dancers does on a night out clubbing… an excellent show”. Ben Shalev, Ha’aretz

“Fishof is a phenomenal performer, dripping with pathos, saturated in reproof, hungry, burning, roaring and wailing… communing with primeval places, with deep-seated sensations …time after time, in every medium he chooses, he succeeds in thrilling and working magic.” Yaniv Yehuda Eiger, Ma’ariv