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Efrat Ben Zur: Robin (Vinyl)

Efrat Ben Zur, the acclaimed Tel Aviv singer and actress, will be releasing her new album "Robin" at the end of March, and it's emerging as one of the most impressive works of this year. It's a collection of Emily Dickinson's poems composed by Ben Zur and produced with Omer Hershman. The result is songs blessed with Ben Zur's and Hershman's magical touch which take you on a sorcerous journey. The release of the first single, "Robin" was embraced by radio stations and the media.

Poems by Emily Dickinson
Music by Efrat Ben zur

Efrat Ben zur - Vocals & Autoharp
Omer Hershman - Guitars, Bass, Hammond & Vocals.
Assaf Shatil - Piano & Vocals
Karni Postel: - Cello
Giori Politi - Drums, Glockenspiel & Accordion.

Additional Musicians:
Amit Erez- Acoustic guitar on track 1 & vocals on track 9
Guy Levy - Double bass on tracks 1,3,5,8
Ran Jacoboviz - Drums on tracks 3,4
Noam Haimovitz Weinsch – Viola on tracks 1,3,4,7
Chen Chenhar – Violin in track 1,3,4,7

Produced by Omer Hershman & Efrat Ben zur
Arranged by Omer Hershman, Efrat Ben zur, Assaf Shatil, Giori Politi & Karni Postel
String arrangements by Assaf Shatil
Additional arrangements by Amit Erez on track 1 & Baruch Ben Izhak on tracks 5 & 8

Tracks 5,6,7,8,9 recorded by Shimon Tal at Anova studios
Additional recording by Keren-Or Biton
Tracks 1,2,3,4 recorded by Omer Hershman at home on an 8 track machine, additional recording by Shimon Tal at Anova Music studios.
Mixed by Ronen Roth
Mastered by Roger Seibel at SAE Mastering
Executive Producers: Joshua Perry & Udi Niv for Anova Music
Photography cover by Anglika Sher
Cover design by Rachel kinrot